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Manfred Kielnhofer

born 1967, Haslach an der Mühl
Manfred Kielnhofer is an Austrian painter, sculptor, designer and photographer. In 1989 he qualified as a master workman in operational technology and went on to attend the Higher Technical Institute in Linz, from which he graduated in 1995. Working with technology, art and design in the construction field eventually led him to pursue his own artistic practice, and he has been a freelance artist since 2000. His works can be found in Austrian and international collections, for example in Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA.

In 2010 he and Martina Schettina conceived the Light Art Biennale Austria. The “Interlux Chair”, the work Kielnhofer displayed at the Biennale, was entered into the design database maintained by the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna.
The “Guardians of Time” are Kielnhofer’s most famous works and the pinnacle of a years-long development process. His continual engagement with spatial concepts, sculptures and installations, as well as his interest in mysticism and ancient religions, led him to translate these themes into sculpture. He created the first “Guardian” figure in 2006: wearing a hooded robe, it is reminiscent of an introverted monk. Kielnhofer likes to position his figures in unusual settings across the world: in front of old abbeys, castles or skyscrapers, or in abandoned salt mines. They are erected without fanfare, in silence, which only increases their uncanny effect – the very particular mystical aura they radiate.

In 2012, Kielnhofer revealed the first in a new series of “Miniature Guardians” made of plastic. One of these mini-guardians was commissioned by Peter Weibel for the Centre of Art and Media Technology in Karlsruhe. In 2013, the first of the bronze “Guardians of Time” was cast in Krismer Art Foundry in a limited quantity.

Whether as life-size fabric sculptures tempered with polyester resin, as bronze miniatures or as wieldy plastic figures, the “Guardians of Time” know how to make an impact.

Guardians of Time

10 x 11 x 11 cm

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